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2009 Reports

The Subway Shaft: How Second Avenue Subway Construction Hurts Businesses in its Path

December 2009

Unsolved Case: A Survey of New York City Department-for-the-Aging-Contracted Case Management Services Staff

December 2009

Office of the Public Advocate Annual Report Fiscal Year 08-09  

November 2009

Hearing Problem: An Analysis of HRA Fair Hearing Outcomes in New York City  

October 2009

ARIS on the Side of Caution: A Survey of New York City Principals on the City's Accountability Computer System 

August 2009

Preparing to SAVE: A Survey of Safety Planning at New York City Public Schools

June 2009

Touching a Nerve: How Closing the City's Oral Health Program Reduces Access to Dental Care for New York City Children

March 2009

Paper(less) Jam: A Survey of New York City Human Resources Administration Eligibility Specialists

March 2009

Public Advocate’s Guide to the Earned Income Tax Credit and Free Tax Preparation Services in New York City

March 2009

More Than Band-Aids: Investing in Public School-based Health Services to Improve Child Health and Well-being in New York City        

March 2009


2008 Reports

Office of the Public Advocate Annual Report Fiscal Year 07-08

December 2008

A Better Shot at Prevention: HPV Vaccine More Available at City Health Clinics    

December 2008

Get More For Your Money: Updated Guide to Banking in New York City    

December 2008

Improving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Access to Healthcare at New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation Facilities  

December 2008

Old Problems, New Eyes: Youth Insights on Gangs in New York City  

December 2008

Barriers to Benefits: A Survey of Clients at New York City
Human Resources Administration Job Centers

November 2008

Guide to Public Benefits for Immigrants
November 2008

Updated February 2009

The School Accountability Initiative: Totaling the Cost

November 2008

OVERWORKED, UNDERUTILIZED: How the Department of Education’s Reorganizations of Special Education Turned School Psychologists from Mental Health Professionals into Paper Pushers
November 2008

Patient Progress: A Follow-Up Review of New York City’s STD Clinics

October 2008

Space to Play, Room for Improvement: An Evaluation of the Schoolyards to Playgrounds Program

October 2008

Taking (Birth) Control: Progress and Problems in Access to Contraception at City Clinics

October 2008

Final Report of the Commission on School Governance

September 2008

Turned Away: The Impact of the Late-Arrival Placement Policy on Families with Children

August 2008

Calling in Abuse: How Domestic Violence Perpetrators are Using the Child Welfare System to Continue Their Abuse [pdf]

July 2008

Mixed Signals: 311 Fails to Provide Consistent Information to Parents of Children with Special Needs

June 2008

Out of Tune: A Survey on NYC Students’ Access to Arts Education

June 2008

New Guide to Senior Services in New York City [pdf]

June 2008

State of Play: A Four-Year Follow-up Survey NYC Students’ Access to Physical Education 

May 2008

The High Cost of Leasing Schools: The Loophole in the Public Authorities Law  

May 2008

Is Anybody Listening? A Follow-Up Survey of New York City Department of Education Parent Coordinators

April 2008

Get More For Your Money: Guide to Banking in New York City

April 2008

Sharing Old Age: Alternative Senior Housing Options 

March 2008

Blue School, Pink School: Gender Imbalance in New York City CTE High Schools  

January 2008

2007 Reports

Analysis of Child Fatalities in the New York City Shelter System 2004 - 2006   November 2007

Old Problems, New Eyes: Youth Insights on Gangs in New York City   November 2007

Office of the Public Advocate Annual Report Fiscal Year 06-07 November 2007

Unintended Consequences: Problems with Contraception Access at City Clinics   September 2007

Limited Access: Problems with ACCESS NYC
August 2007

Guide To Senior Services in New York City 

August 2007

More Hassle Than It’s Worth: Problems with the City’s M/WBE Program   July 2007


          M/WBE Survey Questions

The Public Advocate's Guide to the Summer Meals Program in New York City (English/Spanish) July 2007

     Summer Meals Program Sites List     


Left in the Dark: Citywide Council on Special Education Survey Finds DOE Not Informing Parents of Educational Opportunities for Children with Disabilities  June 2007


    Click here to see Appendix II (CCSE Parent Survey)

Dangerous Mistakes: Analysis of ACS Corrective Actions Involving Child Fatalities in 2005  June 2007

Hurdles to a Healthy Baby: Pregnant Women Face Barriers to Prenatal Care at City Health Centers   May 2007

21st Century Learning: Career and Technical Education Prepares New York City Students for Future Success    

May 2007

Conflict Unresolved: DOE Fails to Recognize What Works in School Safety and Student Achievement   5/2/07

Twelve for 2030

Responses to PlaNYC: A Greener, Greater New York  4/30/07

Waiting For Help: Parents of Students with Disabilities Find Little Assistance Navigating New York City's Special Education System   03/23/07

Public Advocate's Guide to the Earned Income Tax Credit and Free Tax Preparation Services in New York City  03/13/07

Planning for Failure: How the Department of Education's Capital Plan Undermines its Own Goals for Increasing Graduation Rates

No Shot at Prevention: HPV Vaccine Unavailable at Many City Health Clinics

Beyond the Bus Cuts: How No-Bid Consultants Are Changing Schools and Services for Your Child

Between Policy and Reality: School Administrators Critical of Department of Education School Safety Policy

Unprotected: Adult Protective Services Struggles to Serve Vulnerable Clients


2006 Reports

Unhealthy Exposure: Mold In New York City Homes 12/14/06

Giving Birth In The Dark: City Hospitals Still Failing To Provide Legally Mandated Maternity Information

Help Wanted: Department of Education Misses Opportunities to Connect Students with Health Care Careers

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2006

A Dangerous Cycle: Attorney Turnover at ACS Leaves Children Unprotected 

Missing the Mark: HHC Mammogram Wait Time Off Target

Housing Answers for Residents of Public Housing

Making the Team: Gender Inequality in New York City PSAL
Sports Teams

The Hunger Hotline: Help's Not Often On The Menu

Testing the Waters: A Look At Safety At City Pools 7/06

Patients Losing Patience: A Performance Review of New York City's STD Clinics 4/06

The New York City Public Advocate's Guide to the Earned Income Tax Credit and Free Tax Preparation Services 3/06

Opening the Door: Looking at New York's Response to Domestic Violence 13 Years after "Behind Closed Doors" 1/27/06  executive summary


2005 Reports

Affordable Housing in New York City Conference Publications: Definitions/Options 10/21/05

The Context of Affordable Housing in New York City 10/21/05

Inclusionary and Related Zoning Approaches to Affordable Housing Policy Options 10/21/05

New York City Affordable Housing Policy Options pp1-54 10/21/05

pp 55-108    pp 109-114     pp 115-167      pp 167-194    

pp 195-219  pp 222-236    pp 246-270     pp 271-322

pp 323-332   pp 333-373   *pages 237-245 are available via

facsimile by calling our office at 212-669-7200

Affordable Housing Compedium: Summary: National Affordable Housing Programs 10/21/05

Misleading Marketing: How HMOs Lure Medicare Beneficiaries 10/05

Housing Answers Guide for Residents of Public Housing 8/05

Corporate Hide and Seek: Consumers Seek Refund, Find Hidden Fees 8/11/05

Risky Recreation: City Fails to Ensure Safety at Outdoor Pools


Caring for the Children: Improving the City's Relationship with Children Exposed to Domestic Violence 7/21/05

Acting Like Adults: Teenagers and Dating Violence 7/18/05

A Mother's Right to Know: New York City Hospitals Fail to Provide Legally Mandated Information    *maternity data guide



Gotbaum Finds MetroCards Fail More Than 25% of the Time, In Low Income Areas Failure Rate is as High as 54%


Diagnosis: Neglect - City Fails to Inspect X-Ray Equipment


Gotbaum: 1 in 6 Young Women in Foster Care Have Kids of Their Own; Says City Must Do More to Prevent Teen Pregnancies and Infant Deaths 5/15/05 survey

Subsidy Shame: City Pays Landlords for Hazardous Housing 4/25/05

Cell Phone Report-(Revised August 2005)4/05/05

Gotbaum Releases Report Highlighting

the City's Failure to Meet the Shelter and Housing Needs of Women and Their Children Seeking to Escape Domestic Violence 3/29/05

Gotbaum Releases Report Critical of Mayor's Management of SCRIE Program   3/25/05

Gotbaum Releases Guide for Free Tax Prep and EITC sites 3/13/05

Undertrained, Underpaid, and Unprepared: Security Officers Report Deficient Safety Standards in Manhattan Office Building 2/14/05

City Fails to Put Senior Transportation Vans on the Road 2/3/05

School Suspension Policy Gets a Failing Grade 1/13/05


2003/2004 Reports

Annual Report 2003-2004      statistical appendix

A Shot in the Dark: City Fails to Provide Accurate Information on Flu Vaccinations 10/25/04

Food Stamps for Working New Yorkers: Follow-up Investigation 10/07/04

District Managers Rate 311: Citizen Service Center Needs Improvement 9/22/04

Sluggish Start: School Repairs Left Undone
How the New York City School Construction Authority
Fails to Address Deteriorating Schools

Still Waiting For Your Call: A Follow-Up Survey of NYC Dept. of Education Parent Coordinators 07/12/04

Report Card for Chancellor Joel Klein   06/28/04    

Investigation of Shelter Deaths in New York City by The Public Advocate's Office  06/15/04

New York City Hunger Hotline: Service Leaves Callers Empty Handed 05/24/04

All Work and No Play: A Survey of Physical Education Classes in NYC Schools 03/30/04

Out in the Cold: NYC Does Not Get Its Fair Share of Heating Assistance 02/20/04

The Cold Shoulder NYC's Poor Get Short-Changed on Heating Assistance 02/17/04

Before It's Too Late: Adolescent Relationship Abuse in NYC 02/08/04

2003 Child Fatality Report  01/25/04

When the Lights Go Out in NYC: A Survey of NYC Senior Centers  12/29/03

Food For Thought: How the Food Industry Can Help End Hunger in NYC 12/23/03

Locked Out: NYC Working Families Unlawfully Denied Access to Food Stamps 11/23/03

Waiting For Your Call: A Survey of DOE Parent Coordinators 11/17/03

Annual Report 2002-2003   statistical appendix

NYC Neglects Big Payday 10/03/2003

Inequitable Enforcement: The Crisis of Housing Code Enforcement in NYC, co-authored with ANHD  09/29/03

Women and AIDS


An Analysis of Deferred Exterior Modernization Projects 9/2003

Patient Assistance Programs: Do They Really Help the Uninsured? 7/22/03

Learning Support Center Survey 7/21/2003

Internet Drugs Report 6/18/2003

Payphone Plight 7/15/03

Speech at the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, citywide conference 6/16/2003

Procurement in New York City: A Strategy for Local Economic Development - 6/2003

Report on the Need for New York to Refinance the Superfund - 6/11/03

Dietary Supplements Containing Ephedra - 6 /10/03

Cuts Cost: A Historical and Trend Analysis of the Effects of Proposed Preventive Service Budget Cuts on the Increase in Foster Care Placements - 5/19/03

Scatter Site Housing = Scatter Brain Housing - 5/19/03

Battle to Succeed: Challenges and Obstacles Faced by NYC Women - 3/26/03

2002 Reports

Report: Risky Care for Foster Kids - Gotbaum Proposes Policy & Practice Changes to Protect Children and Families - Report Reveals Half of Child Fatalities Avoidable, Identifies Shortfalls within Administration for Children’s Services. (pdf 1.3 M)
Also see the press release

Pushing Out At-Risk Students: An Analysis of High School Discharge Figures - An alarming number of high schools students are leaving New York City public schools without graduating. It appears that in some cases school officials are encouraging students to leave regular high school programs even though they are of school age or have a right to receive appropriate literacy, support, and educational services through the public school system. (pdf 94k)

The Public Advocate: Solving Everyday Problems - Annual Report 2001-2002 - 11/11/02 - Every year the Public Advocate issues a report on the progress the office has made over the past twelve months. This reports spans the entire fiscal year 2002. Plus: Letter from Betsy Gotbaum, Full Report (pdf 455k)

School Crowding - 11/7/02 - This report describes current school overcrowding and the progress the school system is making in building new seats. The Public Advocate and Independent Budget Office's recent studies of class crowding in elementary grades highlight the importance of creating new seats in the most overcrowded parts of the city. (pdf 51k)

Starting the Day Hungry: New York City's Participation
in the School Breakfast Program
- 10/30/02 - Over eight million school children nationally participate in the federally-funded School Breakfast Program. In New York State, 462,791 children participate in the program. In New York City, 151,114 children receive breakfast at school. (pdf 39k)

Just Getting By - 10/2/02 - Continuing an investigation into the hunger crisis in New York City, Public Advocate Betsy release a report today that reveals a huge gap between the city's ability to provide food to its neediest seniors and their need for meals. (pdf 108k) Plus: Summary Chart of Senior Needs and Services. Also see the Press Release

Crowded classes How 4th, 5th and 6th Graders are Left Behind - 10/1/02- Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum released a report that highlighted the slow progress made in decreasing classroom size for students in kindergarten through 6th grade. (pdf 25k) Also see the Press Release

Stamping Out Hunger - 9/4/02 - Recent public attention has focused on increasing homelessness in New York City. This report reveals that New York City's low income residents are not fully participating in food stamp programs, further aggravating an already troubling situation. (pdf 29k)
Also see the Press Release

Public Advocate Announces Proposal to Fight Violence Against Women - 7/22/02 - Public Advocate Gotbaum highlighted the 5 percent spike in rapes this year and unveiled four recommendations that will help fight sexual assault crimes against women. (pdf 17k)

Report Advises Mayor about Steps Required for Reform in School Construction - 6/17/02 - Public Advocate Gotbaum will sponsor City Council legislation to assure that demographics not politics dominate new school construction.

Many of these documents require the widely available Adobe Acrobat. If you don't have it, it is available for free download here .

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