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Thank you for visiting the webpage for the

Commission on School Governance

Thank you for visiting the webpage for the Commission on School Governance. I hope you enjoy browsing its contents. This site outlines the mission and charge of the Commission, gives the biographies of its members, and provides you, the public, with an opportunity to submit your opinions. As indicated in our mission statement this Commission was created by me at the request of leadership of the State Assembly. The site also includes a number of reports on the topic of school governance in New York and elsewhere that were written exclusively for the Commission by leading experts from around the country. I hope you take the time to share with us your thoughts as well.


Betsy Gotbaum

Stephen R. Aiello Chair
Lilliam Barrios-Paoli Co-Chair
David R. Jones Co-Chair

Joan McKeever-Thomas Commissioner
Jeany Persaud Commissioner
Bertrand B. Pogrebin Commissioner
Kim Sweet Commissioner
Jacqueline Wayans Commissioner
Joseph P. Viteritti Executive Director

Mission Statement
Anticipating the expiration of the existing school governance law for New York City in 2009 and in response to a request from the Chair of Education Committee for the State Assembly, the Public Advocate for New York City appointed a Commission on School Governance to independently study and make recommendations pertaining to the matter at hand. The Commission carried out its charge by gathering pertinent information and soliciting advice from a wide and diverse group of citizens, organizations, educators, and experts.

Read Full Letter from Cathy Nolan, Chair of the NY State Assembly Education Committee Here>


Check out: A new book published by the Brookings Institution that includes papers commissioned by the CSG.

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Read the Final Report

of the Commission on School Governance

Volume I: Findings and Recommendations

Volume II: Written Testimony Submitted to the Commission

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